Everybody is welcome to our studio whatever age, shape or size you are!
Your shoes:

Dance shoes are NOT street shoes and should NEVER be worn outside of the studio. We recommend that a professional fit our students for their shoes and have their shoes checked by their teacher before being worn. Please write your child’s name on the sole or inside of his or her shoes, as many shoes look alike.

Your hair:

Hair must be up, away from the face and neat at all times, preferably in a bun.

Your outfit:

Ballet students are to wear a leotard and tights of their choice. Tap, jazz and theatre dance students may wear jazz pants of their choice. Pink tights, a black leotard and black jazz pants (tap, jazz and theatre dance only) will be needed for certain events, such as rehearsals, open house, performances, etc. Under no circumstances are shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, school uniforms or street shoes appropriate attire for any dance class. Everyone must wear street shoes as well as something over his or her leotard and tights when coming and going from the studio. Studio personnel are not responsible for belongings left in the studio.