Ballet (Various Methods)

By combining the French, Italian, Danish and Russian methods of dance, Lelia Haller developed her unique style of ballet which is the foundation for our ballet school today.

We offer ballet classes from ages 3 and up.

Jazz, Tap, & Lyrical

These classes are designed to develop rhythm, style and sound. Students will learn a variety of styles. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement.

Ages 6 and up.


Also referred to as floor gymnastics, common moves performed in tumbling include flips, somersaults, tucks, handstands and handsprings.

Ages 6 and up.


Additional Information

Rules & Policies

TUITION: Tuition must be paid in advance. All semester payments must be made within the first week of the semester. Class Cards must be purchased prior to the start of class. There is a $20.00 registration fee for all new students. Cash or checks are accepted.

MISSED CLASSES: Students may make up missed classes during the same month in which they are missed. If a student knows he or she will miss a class (i.e. school holiday closing), we encourage him or her to make up the class prior to its occurrence. Ask the teacher which class is an appropriate make-up class. Missed classes and/or school holiday closings are non- refundable. ANY STUDENT MISSING 3 consecutive weeks of classes, without notification, will be no longer be considered enrolled and must reregister.

SHOES: Dance shoes are NOT street shoes and should NEVER be worn outside of the studio. We recommend that a professional fit our students for their shoes and have their shoes checked by their teacher before being worn. Please write your child's name on the sole or inside of his or her shoes, as many shoes look alike.

EN POINTE CAUTION: Students are not placed on point until our instructors are sure their training has progressed to the appropriate level to avoid injury. Young children should never be allowed to have point shoes as playthings.

HAIR: Hair must be up, away from the face and neat at all times, preferably in a bun.

DANCEWEAR: Ballet students are to wear a black leotard and pink tights. Tap, jazz and theatre dance students may wear jazz pants of their choice. Pink tights, a black leotard and black jazz pants (tap, jazz and theatre dance only) will be needed for certain events, such as rehearsals, open house, performances, etc. Under no circumstances are shorts, T-shirts, sweatshirts, school uniforms or street shoes appropriate attire for any dance class. Everyone must wear street shoes as well as something over his or her leotard and tights when coming and going from the studio. Studio personnel are not responsible for belongings left in the studio.

PICK UP TIMES: Children are to remain inside the studio until a parent or guardian arrives to pick them up. No child will be permitted to leave the studio without a parent or guardian. To avoid any upset, please call the studio if you are going to be late. We ask that all parents and guardians remain outside the studio until a teacher or class assistant signals that class is over.

HOLIDAYS: All holidays are posted in advance. Please be aware of notices in and around the studio as well as those sent home via email or note. Call to verify any uncertainties especially if you or your child has missed a few classes. Please make-up any classes cancelled due to holidays during the same month in which they are missed. Missed classes due to holiday closings are non- refundable.

ANNUAL RECITAL: Our annual recital is held in the spring and participation is voluntary. However, because dance is a performance art, we strongly encourage all registered students to participate. Most rehearsals are held during regularly scheduled classes, with a few exceptions. Recital fees are non-refundable.

**BEHAVIOR: Children are expected to participate during classes in a respectful and appropriate manner. If, for any reason, your child does not comply with this, a parent will be notified and asked to speak with the child about the problem. Upon any further problems, we reserve the right to refuse service to the child with no refund of tuition or registration.